Web Experiences

All of the sites shown below were built with modern web standards including fully responsive layouts, versatile content management systems, and stunning emotive visuals.

CheeCha Puffs Potato Snacks

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Inclusive Humanity Advocacy

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Calgary Wedding Planning Co.

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Peszko & Watson Law Office

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Evo Management Solutions

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Little Something Beautiful DJ

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Social Media Experiences

CheeCha Puffs: Facebook Page Coaching and Promotions

Facebook Followers


Facebook Fan Count

Helped grow Facebook followers from under 500 to over 15,000 in a 3 year period.


Scavenger Hunt Contest

Orchestrated a several month scavenger hunt that required participants to submit their photos for qualification. High level of consumer engagement.

Bourque Construction: Playhouse of Your Dreams Contest


Photo Submission Contest

Created an integrated social media contest that required followers to submit their photos.


Mobile Friendly Submission Form

The entire form was designed to work on mobile phones. During the time this contest was created “Like” gating was also permitted.


Followers Voted for Winners

After the entrants submitted their photos, Facebook followers voted on their favourite. Votes were limited to one per user.

Fahrenheit 451: Kitchen Fires Infographic


Custom Infographic Design

Researched and designed this infographic for the purpose of distributing to property management clients.


Valuable Content

The infographic created conversation among our clients and many requested to republish it in their building newsletters or social media accounts.

Graphic Design Materials

Promotional Materials

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Logos and Branding

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Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Calgary Fire Safety and Security Symposium

Fahrenheit 451


Goal: Client Education

At Fahrenheit 451, we often struggled with helping our clients stay ahead of curve when it came to education regarding Alberta Fire Code as well as new advancements in the field of building security.


The Symposium Solution

I conceived the idea of hosting an event that would be free of charge to our clients in exchange for valuable time that would allow us to help property managers understand both their fire safety requirements and the newest ways to protect the security of their buildings.



The Fire Safety and Security Symposium was a huge success with a high turnout.

Full Capacity Turn Out


Exit Survey Indicated 95% Registrant Satisfaction

Increased Sales Leads

Increased Yearly Sales

Event Responsibilities


Comprehensive Budgeting


Online Registration Management


Promotional Banners


Sponsorship Asks


Venue Booking


Presentation Topics


Organization of Check-in


Sponsorship Relations


Meal and Refreshment Planning


Presentation Materials (Handouts & Slides)


Event setup and take down

Associated Promotional Materials

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National Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Canadian Down Syndrome Society


Goal: Increased Awareness

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society celebrates National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (NDSAW) every November.  The previous campaigns contained excessive verbiage and terminology like “genes” that are not universally understood in association with Down Syndrome.

We wanted a new campaign that would cut through the clutter with a completely new paradigm that surpassed previous attempts at awareness. This would create the foundation for future communications.


Down Syndrome Does Not Discriminate

The campaign was conceived with the simply slogan, “Down Syndrome Does Not Discriminate… Do You?”  This messaging was designed to challenge the preconceived notions that society holds about persons with Down Syndrome.

The larger campaign would feature people with Down Syndrome in their place of work or study with the hopes of combatting the negative stereotypes that persons with Down Syndrome cannot be contributing members of community.



Billboards were targeted in major markets across Canada and the posters were distributed to over 50 advocacy groups nationwide.

Billboards Across Canada

“This is a stunning piece of paradigm-shifting cultural work… in its conception, design and delivery.”

Catherine Frazee

Professor of Distinction, Ryerson University

National Down Syndrome Awareness Billboard

Poster Design #1

Poster Design #2

Poster Design #3

Poster Design #4

Globe and Mail Full Page Ad